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Forging Partnerships with Insurance Carriers, Agents, and Installers

Learn how we can prevent homeowners from water damage with various features and advanced leak detection.

Cracked Pipes

Simple System that Prevents Pipe Bursts. Complete with Advance Leak Detection

Anti Freeze Tech is a multi-part pipe protection system that uses advanced technology to ensure homeowners and insurance companies a like won't need to process 5 and 6-figure insurance claims for water damage. We want to partner with you and join the mission to provide generations of home protection. 

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Advanced Leak Detection

Automatic & Remote 

Water Shut off

If a homeowner has a water leak, regardless of what kind, our system will detect and send an alert to the homeowner's phone. 


In the event of unusual water flow, the system will automatically shut off water to prevent significant water damage. Our clients can take a vacation during winter and rest assured their home is protected. 

Rapid Hot Water Flow

Our clients can lower their water bill because they're no longer waiting for hot water. Anti Freeze Tech technology directs hot water into any open faucet instantly.

Automatic Pipe Temperature Regulation (No Frozen Pipes)

The system houses a technology that detects when pipes go below a certain temperature and increases the heat to those pipes thus preventing pipes from freezing and bursting. 

Homeowners enjoy the use of our mobile app, a system warranty, and more!

How we support your mission

Anti Freeze Tech is here to support any daytime insurance heroes such as (but not limited to) agents, claim specialists, and insurance risk analysts to promote products that will reduce detrimental water damage they insure. We aim to work together to establish holistically beneficial premium reduction plans that empower the homeowner to protect their home from risk. To learn if we are the right fit for your team, contact us!



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