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Don't Do This When Protecting Your Pipes From Freezing

Updated: Jul 6

We all may enjoy a winter wonderland during Christmas, but winter also means one unfortunate thing: 

Pipes freezing.  

If you’ve ever talked to a plumber (or experienced this yourself) you know burst pipes and house floods are not only stressful but cost homeowners a lot of money


You’re probably reading this and thinking “We have our precautions.” or “We know what to do every winter to keep our house safe.” This blog post is going to walk through the risks of using outdated measures to protect your home and what you could do better.  

Understanding the Risk  

Regardless of whether the pipes are made of steel, copper, or plastic, the expansion of the frozen water causes extreme strain on them. When the ice melts, this pressure may cause cracks or even breaks, which result in leaks and even catastrophic water damage. Over the next 25 years, the United States will have invested more than $1 trillion (about $3,100 per person in the US) in underground water infrastructure. 

Long story short: burst pipes from winter damage is a problem. If you want to avoid this, don’t do these things:  

Don’t Drip the faucets 

Keeping the faucet dripping during winter storms has been the go-to for years, and many people go into winter thinking they’re safe with this option. Tell that to anyone who has found themselves under a sink with a blow dryer trying to thaw their pipes. Unfortunately, pipes still freeze even after dripping faucets, especially during harsh winter storms.  

It has never been a foolproof system.  

Don’t Use A Hair Dryer 

Believe it or not: There are many people, including some of us reading this, who use a hairdryer to thaw their pipes. We can tell you from experience that this hack is time consuming. It’s also not a great option during power outages. Don’t rely on these caveman-like tactics to keep your pipes from bursting.  

Don’t Insulate Your Pipes 

Think of the towel you use to warm your pipes like the white elephant gift at Christmas.  

You pretend like it’s useful, but it’s not. While any pipe insulation is better than no solution, it doesn’t safeguard you against pipes that are in unheated areas such as your garage or basement. If your temperatures drop well below freezing, you could be in a bad position. Additionally, if you have metal pipes, you could be spending more money on your energy bill to heat these pipes even with insulation as they happen to lose heat faster! 


What’s the point?  

You’re probably thinking: if I am at risk by using these measures, what should I do instead? The key to having peace of mind and real protection during winter storms is taking measures to protect your house before the storm.  

Anti Freeze Tech is replacing all of your various past DIY solutions and creating an all-in-one system that prevents pipes bursts and house floods. 

What is it?  

Anti Freeze Tech is a multi-part smart system that uses sensors and plumbing technology to regulate the temperature of your pipes. This eliminates the risk of your pipes freezing. The system also gives you emergency shut off in the event of pipe leaks. No unexpected kitchen flood! 

A black open box

Set It and Forget It  

Just install it once and that’s it. The day you have our system installed, let’s say by the morning, by dinner time you can invite guests in-person to show off your system via the app!  

 Like setting up a security system; once it's on, you're protected without lifting a finger.  

You don’t have to break any walls.  

Anti Freeze Tech components attach to the already existing fixtures in your home. Individual parts of our system work on their own but, being strategically combined, an orchestra of music is produced.  

Saves Money and Energy  

Our system provides instant hot water so that you’re not wasting up to 150 gallons (about twice the volume of a bathtub) of water a day waiting for your shower to warm up. 

Absolute Peace of Mind  

By using Anti Freeze technology, you, as a homeowner, will have peace of mind during winter storms knowing your home (and memories) are protected.  

Advanced leak detection 

Not only does Anti Freeze Tech protect your pipes, but it also provides leak detection via our app. This means whether you’re on the go or with family at home, you’ll be aware of any hidden leaks in your walls.  

Embrace the Future of Home Protection   

Preventing frozen pipes from occurring in the first place is the best course of action when dealing with them.  Our mission is to cover you in the vulnerable situations winter storms bring (and year-round saving on your water bill). Anti Freeze Tech is a proactive approach to home maintenance that incorporates smart technology into your plumbing system, so you never have to deal with the consequences of frozen pipes again.  

This changes the future of house plumbing preservation. It’s a must-have for any homeowner.  

For more information, we encourage you to fill out our contact form so we can give you a customized quote for your home and start the next steps! 


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