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Reading this could save you serious money!

You may just think about your water usage (and your wallet) a bit differently after reading this. Interested? Let’s talk more. Did you know that there are underrated factors that can cause your water bill to soar? First, there’s the havoc wreaked by burst pipes. And then, there's that seemingly endless wait for the shower water to get just the right amount of hot. Both of these issues are not just annoying but can also be pretty costly.

Money floating in water

Picture this: a pipe bursts in your home while you’re out and suddenly, you're starring in your own personal disaster movie. Water everywhere, precious belongings soaked, and the walls and floors of your basement or kitchen, crumbling. The cost of fixing all this? It can easily run into thousands. Could you dish out $85,000 tomorrow on a basement flood repair? Neither can we. 

Now, onto the hot shower dilemma. Ever stood there shivering while waiting for the water to heat up? While it might not seem like a big deal, the amount of water that goes to waste in those few minutes every day adds up to a lot over a year. Not only is this bad for the environment (because, hello, earth’s access to water is depleting), but it’s also not great for your pocketbook.

Four life changing words for you: We. Have. Good. News.

Anti Freeze Tech is a one-stop shop solution to these prehistoric issues. This system uses what you already have in your home to prevent those dreaded pipe bursts and gives you instant access to hot water indefinitely.

It's like having a little multi-part superhero in your home, monitoring temperatures and jumping into action to warm up your pipes without any fuss. How? By using simple pipe attachments. If there’s a leak? You’ll be notified by our app. Imagine being able to shut off your water with just a click to prevent a flood. We’ve got you covered there too. That’s right, no more frantic calls to the city in the middle of a crisis. 

Why are we sharing this with you? We want you to actually be taken are of. Not living in denial for the next bad winter storm. We also hope that in sharing this, you’ll join us in the fight to conserve water for the ones who come after us. 


Are you down to save water?

  • Yes! Of course!

  • I'd rather wait till my water gets hot in the shower.

In a nutshell, it’s time we all start putting a nip in the bud to common winter problems that can lead to 5 and 6 figure headaches. And, this isn’t just for our wallet sake, but for our planet. With Anti Freeze Tech, you’re not just preventing potential water damage; you’re also joining the movement towards water conservation. So, why not jump on board? Let's save water, save money, and save our sanity, all in one go! Fill out our contact form below for a custom quote and let’s make water woes a thing of the past.

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