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10 Ways to Lower Your Water Bill

Updated: Jul 8

ways lower water bill


If you own a house (or aspire to), this is most definitely for you! With the rising cost of utilities and other household needs, we’re prepared to show you how to free up your money.

Do any of these sound like you?

  • Your water bills are high or putting a strain on your monthly budget.

  • You have old appliances that aren’t water-efficient or eco-friendly.

  • You care about sustainability and are always seek ways to reduce your environmental footprint.

If these sound like you keep reading…

What if instead of having these issues, you could:

  • Have more disposable income each month as your water bills decrease (time to start slowly saving for that kitchen remodel!)

  • Enjoy cost-effective appliances that not only lower your environmental impact but also help lower costs.

  • Be confident about the part you're playing in environmental sustainability

These 10 methods could be the solutions you're looking for

10 ways to lower your bill checklist

What you'll see:

In this checklist, we walk through 10 methods you can use to ensure that your water bill isn’t going too high AND ultimately lower it too!

Here’s what you’ll see, and you shouldn’t wait to get it:

You’ll see:

  1. Step-by-step how to determine if you have broken or leaking fixtures in your home, so your water bill doesn’t add up.

  2. A highly rated list of water efficient products handpicked by the Anti Freeze Tech team.

  3. DIY ways to lower your water bill without greatly changing your lifestyle AND without spending a dime.

Whether you're ready to buy products that will help you reduce your water bill or want to start with some free quick wins, we've got you!

By checking off just a few of these, you'll start seeing changes in your water usage & bill.

Ready to put some money back in your pocket on these easy-to-implement ideas?

See you inside!


Hi, We're Anti Freeze Tech!

We’re a start-up company that offers a pipe protection system that will help lower your water bill by addressing common water waste. It prevents house floods, pipe bursts, and more!

Our mission is founded on not wanting to see homeowners lose their homes or family heirlooms to house floods. It happens all too much, and we don’t want it happening to you. 

To learn more and view our other blogs, head over to the contact button, to learn how you can get Anti Freeze Tech installed!

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Thank you!! 🙏 I didn’t even think of how much water I was using when defrosting my food lol

Replying to

Yes!! It wastes so much water! I'm glad we can help! 😁


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